HowTo configure Easy URL

When Easy is installed, it becomes the default page that is loaded when opening the server address in a web browser1.

For the time being, the SnapTV software does not include a DNS service. Traditionally, IP addresses were used to access the admin interfaces of each server. However, it is quite inconvenient for a user to have to type an IP address to watch a movie!

The recommended solution is to run a DNS relay service in the network router, and add a custom DNS rule with a name such as, pointing to the IP address of the SnapTV server. Exactly how this is done on different network routers is outside the scope of this documentation, but below is a link that might be helpful2.

  1. The default was changed in software version 2.23. Prior to that version, the admin interface was the default, and Easy was available only by adding /easy to the server address.